Synthetic paper

Synthetic paper ”Extreme paper”

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Our company manufactures Extreme Paper synthetic paper in the city of Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The synthetic paper is unique for combining the ordinary paper’s printing properties with the properties of the synthetic film: wear resistance, elasticity, robustness, smoothness, high surface whiteness level.

Thanks to the high smoothness of the synthetic paper’s surface, it is possible to print very detailed images of high definition.

The synthetic paper has the following properties

  • Water-resistance
    synthetic paper does not include fibers and is not enameled, which is why it is water-resistant and perfect in the cases of the product’s contact with water.
  • Robustness
    the synthetic paper is exceptionally robust. The structure of that paper guarantees unrivaled tensile strength, folding strength, extension strength and robustness to loads.
  • Surface smoothness
    extreme smoothness of the synthetic paper’s surface guarantees the most quality of printing.
  • Resistance to greases and chemicals
    the synthetic paper shows excellent resistance to the chemicals such as acids, alkali and oil. The contact with the above-mentioned environments does not influence the color and robustness of the paper.

The corona treatment is performed; the wideness and length of rolling may be changed at the customers’ request.

In case of introduction of the UV additives, the consumer obtains resistance of the material to the UV radiation.

In case of introduction of the bio-degradation additives, the material decomposes by itself within 24 to 36 months under the external influence.

All methods of printing are available: offset, flexographic, digital (inkjet, toner and latex) and screen printing, including the UV paints, and by thermal transfer (for manufacturing of tags and other materials).

Scope of use

  • manufacturing of tags, labels, markings
  • manufacturing of visiting cards and advertising materials
  • printing industry
  • wrapping, bags and sacks

We manufacture synthetic paper in rolls

  • thickness of 100 microns
  • thickness of 150 microns
  • thickness of 200 microns
  • thickness of 250 microns
  • thickness of 300 microns
  • we also manufacture paper of other, custom-made, thickness
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