Twist wrapping for candies

Twist wrapping for candies ”Extreme paper”

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We offer the new material based on the Extreme Paper polymeric paper for candies and caramel wrapping.

Extreme Paper polymeric paper is a special material that looks and feels like paper, but, at the same time, it is water-resistant, grease-resistant and robust like a film.

It is a brand new material for candies wrapping that can visually and distinctively highlight your products on the grocery shelves. The material has very pleasant tactile qualities that will, without a doubt, encourage the customers to choose your products.

  • The flexographic print is very easily made on its surface, and the print persists very well even in case of intense friction and twisting. The print’s resistance to attrition is an important advantage of this material in comparison to the others.
  • The polymeric paper has a stable twist effect, it is used for candies wrapping into twist wraps, sachets, tartlet-shaped wraps (one-sided and two-sided twisting). The wrapping keeps shape for a long time, even in a humid environment.
  • In a wrapping made of polymeric paper, the product does not dry and does not “smother”, and, thanks to the natural calcium contained in it, the eggshell effect is created that enables better storage.
  • The Customer defines the thickness of the material, for example, 45 g/m2, 50 g/m2, or more.
The polymeric paper is among the environmentally friendly materials because it is filled with minerals that significantly reduce the decomposition time during utilization. It is recyclable and has the properties of bio-degradation under natural influence.
The polymeric paper can be used both for the ordinary wrapping and wrapping of the premium-class candies. The default make is white, but we also produce the semitransparent “natural” make, and there is also the option of sole-colored one-sided or two-sided painting.
The polymeric paper is offered both with images for confectionery production facilities and without them, destined for further printing by other companies.
  • The Extreme Paper trademark is developed by us and based on the natural calcides dissolved into polyephines, and this distinguishes our trademark from the counterparts available in the market. All components for production are of high quality, of foreign origin, with the certificate permitting contact with the food products.

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