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Polymeric paper ”Extreme paper”

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Our company manufactures Extreme Paper polymeric paper in the city of Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Polymeric paper is a special material developed by us that looks and feels like paper, but, at the same time, it is robust, grease-resistant and water-resistant like a film.

  • The polymeric paper has a good dead-fold, which is important for products wrapping into briquettes. In the case of the candies wrapping into twist wraps, the polymeric paper with a stable twist effect is used.
  • Our material is delivered in rolls packed in palettes, it is very widely used, from wrapping of products, flowers, candies (thinner makes), to tags, labels, large-format printing (thicker makes).
  • The default make is white or of semitransparent dull “natural” color. However, during the manufacturing process, we can paint the material sole-colored or make a two-sided painting.
  • It is very easy to print on its surface, and the print persists very well, even in case of intense friction. You can use any paint for flexographic printing.
The products wrapped into the polymeric paper (especially quark and butter, margarine and spread), have longer shelf lives as compared to the polyfoil and parchment because the mold colonies (toppiness) do not build up on the surface of the polymeric paper.
When the polymeric paper gets in contact with a product, it creates the eggshell effect thanks to the natural calcium contained in it. In the case of the wrapped quark and curd snacks, it prevents drying and “slime” development inside the wrapping.
It is possible to manufacture biodegradable make by the introduction of the oxo-biodegradable additive during the manufacturing process. The time of bio-degradation is 2 to 3 years. We have the license to use that additive.


  • Wrapping in the fat-and-oil industry and dairy industry (butter, margarine, spread, quark and curd snacks)
  • Wrapping of flowers and presents
  • Wrapping in the confectionery industry (candies wrapping into twist wraps)
  • Labeling and storage (tags, labels)
  • The Extreme Paper trademark is developed by us and based on the natural calcides dissolved into polyephines, which distinguishes our trademark from the counterparts available in the market. All components for production are of high quality, of foreign origin, with full permission for contact with the food products.

  • The thickness is custom-made, from 40 microns to 80 microns. The most common thickness for butter and quark wrapping is 60 microns.

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  • The other thicknesses of the Extreme Paper products (100 to 300 microns) are shown in the Extreme Paper Synthetic Paper tab